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I Biagi Srl
51012 Castellare di Pescia (Pistoia) Italy
Tel +39 0572 451951 - Fax +39 0572 453374
P.IVA 01852990470 - CCIAA PT 113057
R.E.A. PT 1066


I Biagi was founded in Pescia (Pistoia) near Florence in 1987, this is a land in Tuscany, famous for its ancient tradition in working metals, in the fields of tableware, products for the home and for the gift. our range of articles is characterized by the mix beetwen bronze parts and crystal hand decoration. I Biagi production is classic and is to appriciate for the care of the details, and the ability to enrich our products with the knowledge of the old artisian. all the articles are hand-made and regoulary tested. our designers with the cooperation of the owner, the Biagi Family work to invent novelties, they will be pourpose to the public just after have passed with flying colours our test.
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