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I Biagi Srl
51012 Castellare di Pescia (Pistoia) Italy
Tel +39 0572 451951 - Fax +39 0572 453374
P.IVA 01852990470 - CCIAA PT 113057
R.E.A. PT 1066


Our special journey in the footstep of the great italian artists who made the history of our country and beyond goes on.

The new line PreciouStone combines the collections to music and in particular to four italian musicians, masters of universal level: Giuseppe Verdi for the series with Malachite, Giacomo Puccini for the series with the Amethist, Gioacchino Rossini for the series with Lapis Lazuli and Gaetano Donizetti for the series with the Rock Crystal.

This way we mean to pay tribute to four of the greatest musicians of all times and give resonance to our collecions bringing on the world market our luxury products with the new line PreciouStone belonging to our established and prestigious brand IBIAGI characterized by the unmistakable charm of Made in Italy.

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